Culture of Wisdom in Congo

"In truth, the world is neither with us nor against us: it is but raw material in our hands, and can be heaven or hell according to what we are." ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER

Our key goal

Normally, people need obstacles against which to sharpen their strength and stimulate their growth. But in DRC it is true that the growth of sorrow increases only sufferings of persons. What should be done? Our aim is to establish a circle of Supermen in DRC, that is to say, to help every Congolese to acquire understanding, skill, and ability for every kind of artistic work in order to improve the quality of life.

Our approach is simple. In cooperation with those intellectuals and artists, friends of DRC, whose mature mind can generate worldviews, we:  

  1. Help document opinions offered by thinkers and then spread them to other educated people, such as students, teachers, pastors, journalists, and government and community and business leaders.
  1. Help strengthen the capacity of young people in their rights and duties towards citizenship (this is done in the form of conferences, seminars, and other kind of meeting of discussion). 
  1. Stay practical by trying out new ideas about food security, adult literacy (of English Language), livelihood and gender equity programs - - - for we realize that thought without action is a disease in head.
  1. Widen program impact by publishing and broadcasting our English lessons on phonetics, spelling-bee and grammar to influence our actions.