Culture of Wisdom in Congo

"In truth, the world is neither with us nor against us: it is but raw material in our hands, and can be heaven or hell according to what we are." ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER

About Us

Many people have the idea that old cultures prevent one from being virtuous. On the contrary, the righteous people in the world are those who have guarded jealously their oldest traditions regarding morality. In fact, we really can’t see any devout people who are not referring to any code of old conduct.

In most cultures in the world, some elements align with ultimate reality. These support what is moral, universal and beautiful within a society.  We find the manifestation of this in music, art, law and education.  It is probable that every culture embraces at least some aspects of biblical truth.  Any bit of this truth found within a culture must be nurtured, affirmed, and encouraged. 

Also, in all cultures of the world, there are some components founded on lies.  These are false worldviews or the immoral and profane features in any culture.  For example, the neglect of farming in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is based on the lie that people with career in bureaucracy are superior to those working on the land ; the abuse and subjugation of women is based in the lie that men are superior to women ; the false view of leadership is based on the lie that rulers should be served by the many rather than be servants --- helping the many carry out their roles in society.   

These lies are to be exposed, opposed, rooted out, and replaced with the truth based on God’s revealed will.

Although each culture contains both truth and lies, the cultures that have more truth, goodness, and beauty create societies with greater freedom, justice, prosperity, and compassion.  On the other hand, the cultures with more falsehood, evil, and ugliness produce societies that prove more callous, enslaved, and corrupt. 

Thus, the attack on vicious circle in socio-economical problems of DRC should be done by the breaking of the core beliefs of Congolese people about reality on manual labour.  If you can compassionate with the poor in DRC, you have an opportunity to submit your comments on the future of Congolese and their territory at Culture of Wisdom.  Join us today !